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Ultradistancia Releases "Monsters of Mine", a New Series of Satellite Imageries

Created by Argentinian photographer and visual artist Federico Winer, Ultradistancia, the fine art project based on high-resolution satellite images, has released its latest series “Monsters of Mine”. Showcasing pictures of large mines from all over the world, "Monsters of Mine" reveals a fascinating carved out topography.

ALUMBRERA (Catamarca, Argentina). Image © UltradistanciaBODDINGTON (Western Australia, Australia). Image © UltradistanciaSOSSEGO (Pará, Brazil). Image © UltradistanciaHULL RUST MAHONING (Minnesota, USA). Image © Ultradistancia+ 22

120 Ancient Maps Overlapped on Google Earth Reveal the Growth of Cities Across the World

More than 120 old maps from the David Rumsey Map Collection were inserted in Google Maps and Google Earth, allowing us to learn how several parts of the globe were in the past. The maps can be seen by activating the 'Rumsey Historical Maps' layer in Google Earth or through a version of Maps developed for the project.

Architecture Takes Center Stage With Google Earth Relaunch

Google Earth is no longer a clunky, data-intensive desktop or mobile application. As of today, one of the tech-giant's flagship (and unrivalled) products has been relaunched as a widely accessible web application for Google Chrome. This means that anyone can now access the full Google Earth product, free of charge, without having to install software or download mobile applications.