Future Perspectives for City & Country: Pioneering Projects at the ICONIC AWARDS 2023

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The ICONIC AWARDS 2023: Innovative Architecture –awarded by the German Design Council– honors the best achievements in architecture, pioneering interior and product design, outstanding brand communication and a particularly innovative use of materials in the architecture sector. The winners are examples of design excellence and inspiring solutions for current challenges. The international jury of experts emphasizes the importance of visionary design that is not only aesthetically inspiring but also ecologically and socially influential.

Call for Entries: German Design Awards Now Open for 2024 Entries

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Companies, designers, architects, and agencies worldwide are invited to submit their work for the German Design Awards 2024. The Awards by the German Design Council set an international standard for original developments in design and competitiveness on the global market, where the awards provide the winners with access to networking, international reach, and professional opportunities. Below, past winners show the breadth of projects that have been previously crowned winners, including residential interiors, watches, the organic bathtub by Diez Office, and a table lamp by VOLA.

At the Intersection of Architecture and Design: Winners of the German Design Awards 2023

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The winners of the German Design Awards 2023 approach design in ways that are both clever and sustainable, with a focus on ground-breaking product solutions and visionary ideas. The cradle-to-cradle principle, modular construction methods, sustainable use of materials and energy efficiency have long been mainstays in manufacturing and the construction process. But real estate branding is also increasingly coming into focus and becoming an important instrument in architectural communication and marketing.

Call For Entries: German Design Awards 2023 - Focus on Sustainable Design

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International companies, designers, architects and agencies can now register for the German Design Awards 2023. The international awards from the German Design Council offers winners the opportunity for global publicity. They are proof of innovation capability and design expertise and demonstrate that the winners are well positioned and also able to differentiate themselves through sustainable design solutions. The registration deadline is 16 September 2022.

Call for Entries: ICONIC AWARDS 2022 - Innovative Architecture

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The registration for the international ICONIC AWARDS 2022: Innovative Architecture is on. The awards of the German Design Council honour the best achievements in architecture, pioneering interior and product design, outstanding communication concepts and particularly innovative materials. The winners will be honoured at a festive awards ceremony on 4 October 2022 at the Pinakothek der Moderne and will have the opportunity to network internationally.

"How Designers Think": Winners of the German Design Awards 2022

The German Design Awards have been presented by the German Design Council for the tenth time. The internationally renowned prizes are awarded to companies whose pioneering products and projects stand out in the categories of “Excellent Product Design”, “Excellent Communications Design” and “Excellent Architecture”. In addition to the “Winner” and “Special Mention” awards, the jury gave out a total of 81 “Gold” awards – the highest distinction of the German Design Awards.

Wooden Architecture for a Carbon-neutral Future: Winning Projects of the ICONIC AWARDS

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The European Union intends to be climate neutral by 2050. This will require decarbonization at all levels of the economy, and the construction sector will have a particularly key role to play. The sector accounts for around 40% of CO2 emissions globally, and steel and concrete, in particular, require enormous amounts of energy to produce. There needs to be a paradigm shift to replace these building materials and their associated environmental impact. Natural and renewable building materials play a crucial role in this.

Clemens Strobl Winery / destilat

Weinmanufaktur Clemens Strobl is the centerpiece of a historical 4,000-m2 ensemble that includes business premises and a manor house in Kirchberg am Wagram (Lower Austria).

Call for Entries: German Design Awards 2022 Tenth Anniversary

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The German Design Awards are celebrating their tenth anniversary this year. The awards are going to mark this occasion by looking at the role of design and at the decade’s highlights.

End Lot House / Eleena Jamil Architect

The ‘End-lot’ House is a remodelled urban home located in Bangsar, a bustling neighbourhood in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The term ‘end-lot’ is commonly used in Malaysia to describe a house at the end of a row of terraces. The original structure was built in the 1980s with low ceilings and floors split into 4 different levels within a two-storey structure. It also comes with a narrow linear garden along its open boundary. The project came together as an exercise of extending the existing structure to accommodate a couple, their two young children and visiting guests in a comfortable family home. The family wanted a home that is lucid, comfortable, and private with views of the city.

Call for Entries: ICONIC AWARDS 2021 - Innovative Architecture

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Today marks the start of the registration phase for the international ICONIC AWARDS 2021! The awards recognise the best achievements in architecture, innovative interior and product design, as well as outstanding communication concepts and singularly innovative materials. The winners will be honoured at the awards ceremony on 11 October 2021 at the Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, where they will have ample opportunity to network with other players on both the national and international scene.

Shimao-The Wave Showroom / Lacime Architects

Located at Binhai New Area on the eastern coast of Tianjin, the project is in the heart of the Bohai Economic Rim and close to Tianjin Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park and Binhai Matsu Cultural Park. It is a diversified land that integrates entertainment, edutainment and culture. Its excellent geographical conditions make it a unique area for exhibition and experience.

ICONIC AWARDS 2020: Kengo Kuma and Associates Named 'Architects of the Year' by the German Design Council

The ICONIC AWARDS 2020: Innovative Architecture, organized by the German Design Council, honor the best architecture and design solutions internationally. This year’s winners have now been announced and can set themselves clearly apart from their competitors thanks to their title. The special awards, were presented to Kengo Kuma and Associates (“Architects of the Year”) and Alberto Caiola Studio (“Interior Designers of the Year”). The “Architects’ Client of the Year” honor went to Adidas AG.

Employment Support Center YORIDOKO / td-Atelier

Employment support center for young people - For young people who have difficulty living, such as a shut-in(agoraphobic) and developmental disabilities, at Nakanomachi Shopping Street in Wakayama Prefecture. We have created a small facility called "YORIDOKO” that provides employment support.

Cliff House / PLANET Creations Sekiya Masato Architecture Design Office

The site is located in Tenkawa village, located 600 meters above sea level, surrounded by the Omine mountain range, in the central part of Yoshino gun, Nara Prefecture. It is a holiday villa for a doctor and his wife, who love ‘ayu’ fishing. Before the eye is virgin forest, one of Tenkawa’s one hundred lovely sights, and I decided that the villa needs to be a space that included a view across the forest and the majestic waters of Ten River, a branch of the Kumano River source stream. However, even in the initial stage of planning, when the owner suggested that he would be satisfied with a simple fishing cabin, I perceived difficulties. A large percentage of the site was a steep slope inclining 17 meters toward the Ten River, and the flat area was only 6 meters square, so once parking for two cars was established, there was no room for a building.

Call for Submissions: German Design Awards 2021

Design, branding and innovation are the most important factors in the success of entrepreneurial strategy, especially in times of change and crisis like the present. Receiving a renowned award is an efficient opportunity to draw attention to the recipient’s work with precise, positive messages. The German Design Awards – the international premium prize of the German Design Council – are entering the call-for-entries stage and offering winners the best-possible opportunity for publicity. They are proof of innovation capability and design expertise and demonstrate that the winners are well positioned and able to differentiate themselves through outstanding design.

As House / G&A Evripiotis

As House is situated on a slope on Paros Island. The scheme suggests an agglomeration of ‘’primitive’’ volumes and a reinterpretation of the Cycladic Vernacular Architecture. The dry-stone wall is re- introduced defining a new topography of generous outdoor terraces protected from the high North winds.

Frankfurter Tor Student Apartments / GBP Architeken

The property at Frankfurter Tor is located in an exposed location in the Friedrichshain district in the middle of a residential and business district with typical Berlin apartment buildings. It also borders on the listed building ensemble designed by architect Hermann Henselmann along the Karl-Marx-Allee / Frankfurter Allee street.