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Wanderlust Hotel / Asylum, phunk Studio, fFurious and DP Architects

18:00 - 7 July, 2011
Courtesy of Wanderlust
Courtesy of Wanderlust

The Wanderlust Hotel in Little India, Singapore features a collaboration of designers from Singapore studios including Asylum, phunk Studio and fFurious - together with architect firm DP Architects. Each level is dedicated to the designs of each firm. The Lobby is themed as Industrial Glam by Asylum – a juxtaposition of the surrounding’s setting and contemporary design. Level 2 is Eccentricity by phunk Studio and is designed with bright colors and neon lights on all the surfaces, including a rainbow corridor and mosaic tiled jacuzzi. Level 3 is Is it just Black and White by DP Architects which feature contrasting black and white painted spaces with origami and Pop-Art works on display. Level 4 is Creature Comforts by fFurious where friendly monsters keep guests company in their rooms.

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