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Strusshamn / Eriksen Skajaa Architects

Strusshamn / Eriksen Skajaa Architects - Image 6 of 4
Residential Alternative

Norwegian design team, Eriksen Skajaa Architects has shared with us their urban study for the redevelopment of a former industrial site in Strusshamn, a Norwegian coastal settlement. Follow after the jump for additional images and a brief description by the architects.

Palynopolis / Eriksen Skajaa Architects + Christina Charlotte Tolfsen

Palynopolis / Eriksen Skajaa Architects + Christina Charlotte Tolfsen - Image 1 of 4
© Eriksen Skajaa Architects

Norway based Eriksen Skajaa Architects’ proposal about Urban Beehives was recently acknolwegded in the Oslo Triennale. The project explores how biodiversity can act as a catalyst for urban development and generate ideas to respond to social diversity. The study examines the environment of the Aker River as an infrastructure for urban food production as well as an apiary at the Vaterland Park. The proposal intends to illustrates how biodiversity, small-scale urban gardening and food production can contribute to a new layer of urban development centered on the riverbanks.

More images and more about the proposal after the break.