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TRH Market Stalls / Edit!

TRH Market Stalls / Edit! - Image 5 of 4
© Michal Šeba

With locally grown and organic food becoming more popular in the Czech Republic, EDIT! was asked to design a market stall for a new concept of Green Markets. Through a reconfiguration of the typical retailing method, the architects create a unique response to the importance of enabling a personal interaction between the farmers and market visitors. From this, the farmer can relate to the visitors through their produce, and the relationships formed may contribute to the character of the market as a whole. More images and architects’ description after the break.

LIA Passenger Terminal Building / Edit!

LIA Passenger Terminal Building / Edit! - Image 9 of 4
Courtesy of Edit!

The LIA Passenger Terminal Building for Hong Kong, China by Edit! was developed to respond the surrounding urban structure, and to create a visually striking landmark that will act as a gate point for the city. It is designed with the intention to become an iconic character for the city while becoming an environmentally-efficient structure.

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