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Crete: The Latest Architecture and News

On the Sea Edge - An International Urban Design Workshop

Exploring Chania as an urban laboratory on the sea edge the workshop brings into focus a number of issues common to medium-scale coastal cities in Greece, the Mediterranean, and beyond: abandoned places and urban voids, disputed edges where the ground dips into the sea, sites of remembered histories and forgotten stories, contested interfaces where the public meets the private, hybrid spaces where the physical merges with the digital, urban disorders regulated into grids and zones, local communities transforming within an international tourist market.

Crete Bioclimatic School Competition Entry / Kamvari Architects

Bringing harmony and sense to the surrounding context, the proposal by Kamvari Architects for the Crete Bioclimatic School creates a simple linear movement across the site, looking inwards towards the heart of the school. This subtle exterior introduces excitement and fun to the interior while giving the school an impression of enclosure and security, but sustaining the sense of its landscape setting. More images and architects' description after the break.

Innovative Bioclimatic European School Third Prize Winning Proposal / Atelier3AM

Courtesy of Atelier3AM
Courtesy of Atelier3AM

The formal strategy in the design for the Innovative Bioclimatic European School by Atelier3AM, which won the third prize in the international competition, is based on the strong contrast of materials, and propelled by the duality of opaque/transparent. Inspired by the courtyard typology, their design creates a cluster of three separate courtyard buildings defining each educational unit, and connected by a central square. This objective was confronted by the physical site constraints, as well as by opportunities presented by sensible solar orientation and the channeling of the predominant winds. More images and architects’ description after the break.

'Mosaic' Innovative, Bioclimatic, European School Complex Competition Entry / AREA

Courtesy of AREA (Architecture Research Athens)
Courtesy of AREA (Architecture Research Athens)

Designed by AREA (Architecture Research Athens), their proposal, ‘Mosaic’, for the Innovative, Bioclimatic, European School Complex in Crete, springs from the belief that a diverse and stimulating educational environment, rich in experiences, provides the best context for mutual learning. Conceived as an organic whole, the Mosaic complex appears as a grid of multiple, interlocking “pavilions”, each with its own, unique architectural character, all of which are arranged within an orderly and seamless Master Plan. More images and architects’ description after the break.