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Call for Submissions - Conditions Issue #10: GOSSIP

Issue #9: New Knowledge - New Practices?
Issue #9: New Knowledge - New Practices?

What is the function of gossip in architecture? Let’s face it, architects don’t openly criticize or debate each other’s work in public; they prefer to gossip within their chosen networks, aiding social bonding through subtle passive aggression. Gossip has always been around in architecture as one of the oldest ways of sharing, maneuvering and convincing. But how does it manifest itself today within the instant culture of internet and social media?

These are the questions Conditions Magazine is hoping you will be able to answer through an abstract design for their new, upcoming issue. More information on the call for submissions after the break.

"Conditions Issue: The Politics of Architectural Quality" Call for Submissions

The debate on what constitutes quality in architecture is as old as architecture itself. In architecture the notion of quality can be approached on several levels. Building-technical quality standards are becoming more and more dominant, aiming mostly at avoiding mistakes. When it comes to the quality of the architecture per se, there is less agreement than ever before. How can such a contested notion become the main goal in national architecture politics?