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Chaos Group: The Latest Architecture and News

Introducing New Real-Time Architectural Visualization Technologies for Remote Collaboration

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This year, real-time became really important. For architects and arch-viz artists, the ability to explore and design interactively is nothing short of game-changing, drastically shortening project life cycles and making it easier to present and discuss ideas with co-workers and clients. With remote collaboration becoming a normal part of day-to-day life, real-time views of projects have become invaluable.

Total Chaos 2019: A Space to Learn and Connect Architecture with the 3D Visualization World

Last week, Chaos Group returned to Bulgaria presenting the latest and most innovative within the world of technology and visualization through the Total Chaos 2019 conference. With more than 50 specialists in the field, the event was divided into a series of talks and masterclasses where ArchDaily had the opportunity to participate to cover what was a remarkably enriching instance for all those involved in the world of architecture and the creative industry.

In this second version, Total Chaos provided a shared space for 3D artists and developers to connect and grow, as they explore how topics like AI, real-time ray tracing, light fields and collaborative VR will continue to change professional workflows.