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Open Call: SkyCity Challenge 19, The Future of Housing

After a successful completion of our first challenge SkyCity again, is pleased to invite architects, designers, artists, engineers to take part in the SkyCity Challenge 19, THE FUTURE OF HOUSING.  The current ways of building are affecting the environment we are living in, they are limited and outdated. We believe with the modern technology available, we are able to create far more sophisticated homes that could revolutionize the future of housing.


We want you to design a home that can be dismantled after a time period and used again as if it were just simple prefab modular pieces. A home made

SkyCity Challenge 17

SkyCity is pleased to invite architects, designers, artists, engineers, scientists, conservationists, ambient warriors, tribesmen, digital nomads, craftsmen or basically anyone with great ideas from around the globe to take part in SkyCity Challenge 17. Our climate is changing, squalor, nationalism, and inequality are rising, people are constantly moving into cities and the demand for a better and more sustainable living in urban areas continues to grow. The current ways are very limited and outdated and with the modern technology available we are able to create far better and more sophisticated spaces that could affect the very way of our living in the future …