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Auto Cad Dwg: The Latest Architecture and News

A Library of Downloadable Architecture Drawings in DWG Format

Looking for some quick references or ways to spice up your drawings? Fire up Google Translate or brush the dust off your Italian to take advantage of this comprehensive vector/dwg/architecture drawing resource site! archweb provides a number of free CAD blocks, downloadable CAD plans and DWG files, for you to study or use in precedent research. From furniture to north arrows, road detailing to room layouts, the website boasts a vast collection of plans, sections and elevations for you to pick and choose from, across a variety of categories. And what’s more, many drawings come complete with closed polylines and shapes for you to fill and hatch to your heart’s content.

Check out these 20 blocks to add quick and easy details to your drawings:

Overlay 2D AutoCAD DWG on Google Maps with AutoCAD WS

Courtesy of Shaan Hurley
Courtesy of Shaan Hurley

AutoCAD WS is a program that is available for free and only requires a browser such as Safari, IE, Chrome, or Firefox with Flash installed. It allows users to upload, edit, markup, and share in real-time with DWG files, while also uploading and storing files such as ZIP, Doc, and PDF files. It also gives users control over who can download and views drawings that have been uploaded.

First launched in October 2010, it has another useful feature that many users are unfamiliar with which allows users to overlay their AutoCAD DWG files over existing Google Maps in any of the standard views types: Street, Satellite, Hybrid and Terrain. This tool adds context to your plans and gives a more precise reading of your drawings an designs in existing site conditions in real-time.

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