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Brooklyn's Prospect Park Gets Covered in Thousands of Pinwheels for its 150th Anniversary

To celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, AREA4 and Suchi Reddy of Readymade Architecture and Design collaborated with the Prospect Park Alliance to create a public art exhibition that features more than 7,000 pinwheels. Called The Connective Project, the installation covers the Rose Garden in the northeast corner of the park with yellow pinwheels that include art and written work submitted by the public. Influenced by the vision of the park’s 1867 designers Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, Reddy's aspiration for the project was to create a playful urban retreat that sparks a conversation about the value of public spaces.

Courtesy of Reddymade Architecture + Design© Amanda Gentile/ADG Photography© Amanda Gentile/ADG PhotographyCourtesy of Reddymade Architecture + Design+ 7