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Andrea Cimini's Lighthouse Design Reinvents the Typology for the Age of GPS

Andrea Jasci Cimini has designed a contemporary interpretation of a historic building typology, the lighthouse. The success in the design not only stems from its pleasing visual appearance, but also in the redefinition of an aging typology. The lighthouse, as a building typology, has slowly evolved into a cultural relic as new technologies render it redundant.

Once an essential water navigation tool, Cimini’s design successfully preserves the conceptual elements of the lighthouse building type, while divorcing the building-type from its function. While the function has become somewhat obsolete, the building has adopted a cultural significance as a destination rich in history.

Eco-Temporary Refuge / CiminiArchitettura

Eco-Temporary Refuge / CiminiArchitettura - Image 10 of 4
Courtesy of Andrea Jasci Cimini

The Eco-Temporary Refuge, designed by Andrea Jasci Cimini of CiminiArchitettura, is a proposal for a residence that can be deployed in mountain landscapes where recreational activities are available for tourists, climbers and hikers. The house comes as a substitute to permanent and invasive construction of housing that endangers the dedicated eco-systems of the mountains to promote this kind of seasonal activity. The zero-impact house is a sustainably-minded endeavor that simultaneously exploits and protects the natural environment.

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