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Architecture City Guide: 20 Places Every Architect Should Visit in Madrid

08:00 - 20 September, 2017
Architecture City Guide: 20 Places Every Architect Should Visit in Madrid, © Nico Trinkhaus [Flickr], License CC BY-NC 2.0
© Nico Trinkhaus [Flickr], License CC BY-NC 2.0

Madrid is unfathomable. If the city itself is immense, it´s examples of interesting architecture are overwhelming. For over a half a century, Madrid has been an experimental laboratory for modern and contemporary architecture in Spain. With numerous examples of innovative and experimental architecture, as well as many failures, few of which are valued and recognized. This selection seeks to show archetypal examples of architecture that have transcended time; it does not intend to be an exhaustive list of the city´s architectural works. Many will think that the list lacks important buildings and personally, I couldn´t agree more. That is perhaps the beauty of Madrid: there is a diversity of opinion, there are thousands of sites to see, the city surprises you with every step you take.

Poblado Dirigido de Caño Roto Zarzuela Hippodrome. Image © Ana Amado Ciudad BBVA. Image © Joel Filipe Primer Puente impreso en 3D del mundo. Image Cortesía de IAAC + 22

Global Architectural Political Event London

14:43 - 29 May, 2017
Global Architectural Political Event London, Global Architectural Political Event London_AA
Global Architectural Political Event London_AA

‘Global Architectural Political Events’ are a series of public debates organised by Alejandro Zaera-Polo & Guillermo Fernandez-Abascal that continue the investigation about the political re-engagement of the discipline, as analysed in the essay ‘Well into the 21st Century’ and the ‘Global Architectural Compass’.

AA Exhibition: Third Natures

00:00 - 18 January, 2014
AA Exhibition: Third Natures, The Golden Dome, Tokyo
The Golden Dome, Tokyo

Third Natures presents 15 years of speculations, projects and built proposals by the Madrid- based duo of Cristina Díaz Moreno and Efrén García Grinda and their collaborators, ranging from the beginnings of the practice in 1997 to their latest works, completed in 2013. In total, 26 projects are shown through drawings, models, objects and photographs. All this material is organised according to laws of affinity and connection, in an attempt to convey the vast range of the projects and their main field of operation – the space of mediation between people, objects, natural species and built environments.