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ZNERA Proposes a Network of Smog Filtering Towers To Combat Delhi's Rising Pollution Levels

Dubai-based architecture firm Znera Space have released "The Smog Project," a design to clean the air in Delhi, one of the world's most polluted cities. Shortlisted in the World Architecture Festival's Experimental Project Category, the Smog Project hopes to address Delhi’s noxious air quality by adding a network of smog filtering towers throughout the entire city. India's capital has become known for toxic smog levels from overcrowding and industrial waste. Znera's proposal hopes to cleanse the smog chamber and generate smog free air.

Smog Project. Image Courtesy of R Code + ZNERA Smog Project. Image Courtesy of R Code + ZNERA Smog Project. Image Courtesy of R Code + ZNERA Smog Project. Image Courtesy of R Code + ZNERA + 32

Planning for Conservation: Looking at Agra

This volume presents the research and speculations produced by scholars, Loeb Fellows and graduate students at Harvard Graduate School of Design by looking at possibilities for the city of Agra in India and the agency of design between Architecture, Critical Conservation, Urban Planning & Design, and Landscape Architecture in heritage conservation, economic development, and the planning of medium-sized South Asian cities.

Work Begins on David Chipperfield's Mughal Museum in India

Construction is underway on David Chipperfield Architect's Mughal Museum in Agra, India, near the Taj Mahal's eastern gate. Part of a larger Archohm-led masterplan, which includes the Taj Orientation Center and the Agra Heritage Center, the project will provide 5200-square-meters of permanent and temporary exhibition space entirely "dedicated to the history and culture of the Mughals, a dynasty that ruled over Northern India for over three centuries," says the practice.

AD Classics: Taj Mahal / Shah Jahan

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