Azócar Catrón: "It's Not the Scale of the Project, But Rather the Scale of the Landscape"

Chilean architects Ricardo Azócar and Carolina Catrón founded their architectural and urban planning firm in Concepción, Chile in 2015. In a short time afterward, their project “Two Towers and a Trail” was awarded the Obra Revelación del CA-CCP Prize in 2016 and was recognized in the Young Architects of Latin America Collateral Event at the Bienal of Venice in 2018; their monographic text “Catalejo” won first place out of the Publications category at the 2018 Biennale of Costa Rica. In November 2020, ArchDaily recognized them among the best emerging architectural practices of the year.

"Transdisciplinarity Is Essential to Architecture": An Interview with Office Vão

Vão is a transdisciplinary architecture office based in São Paulo, Brazil, created in 2013 by Anna Juni, Enk te Winkel, and Gustavo Delonero. The office operates in a territory between fields, exploring multiple subjects and scales ranging from art installations to residential architecture, as well as cultural, commercial, and corporate facilities, seeking to dissolve or push the boundaries between disciplines to enhance architectural thinking and practice.

Explore the Changes of Time and Space in the 1980s Through the Memories of Chinese Young Architects

Sigmund Freud, the author of “The Interpretation of Dreams” and the founder of Psychoanalysis, once argued that, “A strong experience in the present awakens in the creative writer a memory of an earlier experience (usually belonging to his childhood) from which there now proceeds a wish which finds its fulfillment in the creative work.

Fernando Martirena: "Contemporary Cuban Architecture is Alegal and Almost Non-Existent"

"What Are We Talking About When We Talk about Contemporary Cuban Architecture?" is the title of the article written by Fernando Martirena in Rialta Magazine that delves into the reality of architecture within Cuban society. Essentially, it receives so little attention that it might as well not exist. This prompted the birth of the Cuban Architecture Studios Group (Grupo de Estudios Cubanos de Arquitectura), of which Martirena is a member, a collective that aims to give modern Cuban architecture a platform and a voice.

Call for Submissions: ArchDaily's 2020 Young Practices

Humankind is at a crossroads. A climate crisis that threatens ecosystems and rises social instability. A fast-growing population leading to Earth's resources being consumed faster than ever. A still in progress global discussion about racial and gender issues. A technological revolution disrupting societies and markets —including the design and construction field. And an economic and pandemic crisis as a stress test for all of us.