Construction and Design Trends of 2021: The Recurring, The Popular, The Relevant and The Substantial

As we look back at the architecture projects we have published in 2020, as part of our yearly review, we were able to distinguish many recurring elements and solutions in terms of materials, programs, and functions.

Selected Projects of Pritzker Laureates’ in 2020

This year, architecture’s highest honor, the Pritzker Prize, has been granted to Grafton Architects, a Dublin-based architectural firm mainly ran by female partners Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara. For the first time ever in its 42-year history, due to the constraints set by Covid-19 global pandemic, the organizers of the Pritzker Prize decided to use Livestream the award ceremony. Having reached the end of 2020, ArchDaily has summed up what current and previous Pritzker Prize winners have accomplished during this turbulent year.

The Best Architecture Interviews of 2020

One of the most rewarding aspects of working with architecture publications is the possibility of meeting and becoming closer to the experts that are effectively transforming the discipline, either with built projects, research, experiments, theories, or even with works in other fields. In this sense, interviews perform a special role among all the different types of content published every day by ArchDaily, as we can get a closer insight into what some of the most distinguished and promising people have to say about the present and the future of architecture and cities.

ArchDaily: Welcome 2021!

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From Climate Crisis to How Will We Live Together: 2020's Most Relevant Topics in Architecture

Facing the current and accentuated global challenges, we ask ourselves: What should we address first?

2020 was a tremendous opportunity to focus all our efforts and attention on the most urgent issues of architecture. Through articles, interviews, debates, and projects, ArchDaily's Topics presented each month an in-depth response to the most relevant problems - from the climate crisis and emergency architecture to artificial intelligence and How Will We Live Together.

The 10 Most Liked Photos in @archdaily Instagram in 2020

In a year marked by physical distance, social networks have gained an even greater dimension in the ways of relating to people and getting informed. Our channel on Instagram has surpassed its number of reach and brought to the public the best of what we publish on our page: projects, articles, interviews, and news from the world of architecture, inspiring new ideas and tools for a better future to our cities.