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'Recovering Waterscapes', AA Visiting School in Mexico City

Courtesy of Architectural Association
Courtesy of Architectural Association

The Architectural Association is organizing a visiting school in Mexico City titled, “Recovering Waterscapes”, which focuses on the challenges created by the changing city on this scarce resource. The event is scheduled to take place on the 5th-14th of January 2011 at Universidad Iberoamericana. More event description after the break.

AA Visiting School in Tehran and Muscat results

In the past, we’ve told you about the AA Visiting School, a worldwide network organized by the Architectural Association School of Architecture in collaboration with each country they visit. They have conducted events and workshops all over the world including Beijing, Madrid, San Francisco, Santiago, Sao Paulo and Singapore among others.

Some months ago, they continued with their events in Tehran, Iran and Muscat, Oman. In recent years Iran has emerged as a cultural and economic hub within the Middle East; with its illustrious history in architecture it offers a fertile ground for research and investigation into a number of topics ranging from manufacturing to urbanism. Tehran, its capital city, has become a major laboratory for contemporary cultural production in terms of architecture and has recently undergone massive changes to its infrastructure and urban boundaries to cater for expansion.

Oman has been careful and cautions in its expansion and approach to development, with recent events in the region it is now set to profit with massive increase in tourism. With the existence of a void in architectural thinking and identity in Oman it will be incredibly interesting to see how its will approach issues relating to architecture and urbanism. You can see some photos of the workshop after the break.