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Steven Evans


Toronto Central YMCA / Diamond Schmitt Architects

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Toronto, Canada

Behind the Living Wall: An Interview with Birgit Siber

Material Minds, presented by ArchDaily Materials, is our new series of short interviews with architects, designers, scientists, and others who use architectural materials in innovative ways. Enjoy!

Green, or living, walls have begun popping up and growing across commercial interiors everywhere over the last decade. To understand how a living wall functions, and how to design one, we went straight to a pioneer in the profession: Ms. Birgit Siber of Diamond Schmitt Architects in Toronto. The synthesis of natural systems and building systems had been in her mind since her days as a student, but the major break came in 2000, when her team constructed a massive living wall for The University of Guelph-Humbar. To understand how architects are closing the gap between interior and exterior via the living wall, read the full interview after the break.

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In Progress: Theatre at Nathan Phillips Square / Perkins+Will

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Toronto, Canada

NPS Podium Roof Garden / PLANT Architect & Perkins+Will Canada

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Toronto, Canada
  • Architects: PLANT Architect, Perkins&Will