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Exploring Architecture through Performance, Photography and Fashion

13:00 - 24 March, 2019
Exploring Architecture through Performance, Photography and Fashion, Courtesy of Alberto Kalach
Courtesy of Alberto Kalach

© Miguel de Guzmán © Hey! Cheese © Imagen Subliminal © Dmitry Tsyrencshikov + 53

The purpose of architectural photography is to show a design in the best possible way, with the artform often characterized by perspective correction and atmospheric lighting. However, few architectural photographers have experimented with other artistic disciplines. Miguel de Guzmán, Paul Vu and Jules Couartou are among those who have challenged the limits of this form of photography, generating an interesting crossover between architecture photography, fashion and performances. In their images, the relationship between space and the user is shown through a scene designed to register an effect on the viewer. The results are images which are full of creativity.

Waiting Rooms, Reception Areas, & Courtyards: 43 Notable Examples of Hospital Architecture

12:00 - 9 September, 2018
Waiting Rooms, Reception Areas, & Courtyards: 43 Notable Examples of Hospital Architecture, © Bart Gosselin
© Bart Gosselin

© Tiago Casanova © Andrés Valbuena © Neave Bozorgi © JUNGLIM Architecture + 44

Hospitals and projects related to healthcare must follow specific guidelines based on the rules and regulations of their country. These standards help us to design complex spaces, such as those located in areas of surgery, hospitalization, diagnostics, laboratories, and including areas and circulations that are clean, dirty, restricted or public, which create a properly functioning building.

There are a few spaces that we, as architects, can develop with great ease and freedom of design: waiting rooms, reception areas, and outdoor spaces. These are spaces where architects can express the character of the hospital. To jump-start you into this process, we have selected 43 projects that show us how creativity and quality of a space go hand-in-hand with functionality. 


14:00 - 10 April, 2017
IN.DENT / AN.ONYMOUS, © Neave Bozorgi
© Neave Bozorgi

© Neave Bozorgi © Neave Bozorgi © Neave Bozorgi © Austin Yu + 24

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    6325 Topanga Canyon Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91367, United States
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    Iman Ansari, Marta Nowak, Shiqi Fan, Chun-Hua Chiu, Isabel Brañas​, Dan Zhu, Maria Katticaran
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    1600.0 ft2
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