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Spotlight: Christian de Portzamparc

Born on the 5th of May 1944 in what was at the time the French Protectorate of Morocco, French architect Christian de Portzamparc had doubts about continuing with architecture while studying in the 1960s, questioning modernist ideals and the discipline's lack of freedom compared to art. Instead, he spent a decade attempting to understand the role of architecture, before returning triumphantly with a new model of iterative urban design that emphasized open neighborhoods based around landmark "poles of attraction" and a varied series of high-profile commissions that combine a sense of purpose and place.

The French Embassay, Berlin. Image © <a href=',_Mitte,_Pariser_Platz,_Botschaft_Frankreich.jpg'>Wikimedia user Jörg Zägel</a> licensed under <a href=''>CC BY-SA 3.0</a> Philharmonie Luxembourg, Luxembourg. Image © <a href=''>Flickr user borkurdotnet</a> licensed under <a href=''>CC BY 2.0</a> Chateau Cheval Blanc Winer, Saint-Émilion. Image © Erik Saillet La  Musée Hergé, Louvain-la-Neuve. Image © Nicolás Borel + 17

Beautiful Vineyards From Around the World

Cortesía de Beaucastel Winery Beaucastel Winery
Cortesía de Beaucastel Winery Beaucastel Winery

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Wine production is an industry that combines robust economic activity with an extensive cultural legacy. Although there are several programs related to the wine sector, we commonly find spaces dedicated to the process of fermenting grapes into wine. However, there are a variety of duties grouped around wine production that play an important role in boosting the industry, such as tasting rooms, education centers, sales rooms, or broadcast. Below, a selection of 27 inspiring projects of wine architecture.

Chateau Cheval Blanc Winer / Christian de Portzamparc

© Erik Saillet
© Erik Saillet
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Saint-Émilion, France
  • architects Authors of this architecture project Christian de Portzamparc
  • Area Area of this architecture project
    5250.0 sqm
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