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Alejandro Rodriguez


Van De Velde Funeral Center / HULPIA architecten

© Alejandro Rodriguez© Alejandro Rodriguez© Alejandro Rodriguez© Alejandro Rodriguez+ 29

DE BAEDTS House / Architektuuburo Dirk Hulpia

© Alejandro Rodriguez© Alejandro Rodriguez© Alejandro Rodriguez© Alejandro Rodriguez+ 19

Aalter, Belgium

F&C KIEKENS / Architektuurburo Dirk Hulpia

© Alejandro Rodríguez© Alejandro Rodríguez© Alejandro Rodríguez© Alejandro Rodríguez+ 31

Aalter, Belgium

The Best Student Work Worldwide: ArchDaily Readers Show Us their Studio Projects

Almost two months ago we put a request out to all of our readers who were completing the academic year to send us any built work that they may have completed as part of their studies. Our hope was to display the fantastic diversity of ideas and styles that is emerging from institutions across the globe, and the response that we got was fantastic. With almost 100 submissions, we received projects from countries as far afield as Chile, the United States, Norway and Japan. We also received everything from pragmatic projects such as a chapel for a disadvantaged community in Mexico or a low-budget sidewalk parklet, to wondrously bizarre constructions such as a steel worm that connects spaces through sound and an inhabitable haystack.

With the help of our colleagues at ArchDaily Brasil and all of ArchDaily en Español, we've compiled a selection of 26 of the most interesting, elegant or unusual projects from around the world - join us after the break to see what your international peers have been up to.

Courtesy of Rodrigo AmorósCourtesy of Adelina KolevaCourtesy of Ilya NekrasovCourtesy of Evelyn TingCourtesy of Alir HerreraCourtesy of Taller Integral de Arquitectura Dos© Mike Sinclair © Material & Detail Studio of MPARC+ 149