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2017 Biennial TRIKONA Conference: VERNACULAR

16:08 - 1 February, 2017
2017 Biennial TRIKONA Conference: VERNACULAR, Conference: VERNACULAR
Conference: VERNACULAR

TRIKONA is a biennial multicultural event organised at MIDAS Architecture College located in a sprawling 600 acres township. The three days conference and sports cum cultural gala event is organised from 03 to 05 March 2017 with 2500 participants from all over India and aboard.

Title of the Conference: VERNACULAR

Date: 03-04 March 2017

Venue: ECR, Swarnabhoomi, Kancheepuram District, TN-INDIA

Vernacular means native – it defines the soul of any environment, culture, architecture, language, cuisine, and life-style. It is a common identity of the place which will be sustainable and energy efficient. In this data-revolution packed century, the world has become a global village,