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City As A Vision: Tribute to Michel Ragon

Architects have always questioned what the cities of the future will look like. In the 1960s and 70s, one of the most prominent advocates of this field of "futurology" within architecture was historian and critic Michel Ragon. In an upcoming exhibition entitled City As A Vision, the FRAC Centre pays tribute to Ragon by presenting both historical and prospective urban concepts by architects throughout the last fifty years.

Superstudio Monumento Continuo, New New York, 1969 © Archive Superstudio, Florence. Image Courtesy of FRAC CentreJozef Jankovic Železničná stanica Kúty, zvlášť pre českú a slovenskú dráhu, 1974 Collection Frac Centre, Orléans. Image Courtesy of FRAC CentreGünther Domenig et Eilfried Huth Ragnitz, 1969 - 2001 Collection Frac Centre, Orléans. Image Courtesy of FRAC CentreOMA Qianhai Port City, Concept of masterplan, 2010 © OMA. Image Courtesy of FRAC Centre+ 13