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Room Acoustics Solutions - Dividers for Offices | Bruag
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Room Acoustics Solutions - Dividers for Offices | Bruag

  • Use

    Interior acoustics
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    MDF Medium Density Fibreboard (without formaldehyde), laser-cut, customizable
  • Format

  • Sizes

    Raw Material: 10x2800x2070 mm, 19x5600x2070 mm, 30x5600x2070 mm / Maximum with Industrial Coating: 5600 x 1300 mm / Thickness: 10, 19 or 30mm
  • Certification

    Fire properties: B2, B1 with additional coating

More about this product

Open-plan offices are a trend. Due to this development, demand for products which enable employees to keep a certain degree of privacy and peace is rising. To achieve this, Bruag offers customized acoustics elements and room dividers. Their solutions are individually produced and offer maximum flexibility concerning colors, shapes, and transparency. Thanks to laser technology, perforated panels can be produced with custom designs including wording and company logos.

Besides their use as a room divider, Bruag's panels can be equipped with an acoustics foil or fleece, thus improving often problematic office acoustics. As a system provider, they can provide individualized solutions for wall cladding acoustics, which can include elements that can be easily relocated or strung together.

Features and Benefits

  • Totally individual forms (incl. perforations and ornaments) possible
  • Robust
  • Large choice of colors
    • NCS S Edition, RAL, Bruag Alu or colors according to le Corbusier

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