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  • Use

    Interior, ceiling lights, wall lights, floor lights
  • Applications

    Residential, hospitality, corporate, commercial
  • Characteristics

    Durable, high CRI, visual comfort, variety of designs
  • Guarantee

    5-year warranty
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Ceiling Lights from iGuzzini offer a variety of illumination types for different applications, moods, and atmospheres.

Highlighted Features Across All Products

  • Long-lasting and energy-efficient LED lighting
  • High color rendering index (CRI) for optimal color representation
  • Minimal glare, ensuring a high level of visual comfort
  • Easy installation facilitated by a ceiling or track system, depending on the selected light

Additional Features Present in Select Products

  • Optional Dali dimming control system for personalized lighting control
  • Emergency backup lighting for added security
  • RGB color-changing capabilities for dynamic lighting experiences


Wall and Ceiling Lights from iGuzzini offer lighting solutions for interior and exterior applications. The luminaires are designed for general lighting with diffused and comfortable light emission. All three luminaires can be mounted on the ceiling or wall.


Bos from iGuzzini offers a round light design in three different sizes.


Diameter: 530mm Diameter: 426mm Diameter: 264mm

iRoll 65

iRoll 65 from iGuzzini offers a cylindrical light with both downlight and up/down light emission. The durable fixture is made from die-cast aluminum with a plastic arm guard.

Diameter: 109mm Diameter: 78mm


  • Polycarbonate body and end caps, aluminum, and sheet steel internal structure
  • Double M24 cable clamp uses Dmax=15.5mm electric cables
  • End caps can be unhooked via stainless steel clips
  • Extractable plate for lamp changes
  • Terminal boxes for quick connection
  • Available electronic and DALI (upon request) control gear, and permanent emergency light, 1.5 hours autonomy with 12-hour recharging cycle - 3 hours autonomy with 24-hour recharging cycle
  • Conforms to EN60598-2-22
  • Versions with RGB dynamic color change and compatible with preconfigured light management systems
  • Luminaire ready for pass-through wiring
Diameter: 80mm

Light Up

This luminaire is available round or square, in the finishes steel, burnished chrome, gold, brass, bronze, and black, with a wide optics range and a side bend between 10mm and 16mm, in 21 possible combinations.

Light UpOrbit - body in stainless steel7lm - 1W / 433lm - 4W Light UpOrbit - body in stainless steel flush mounted7lm - 1W / 433lm - 4W
Light UpOrbit - body in stainless steel / all glass flush mounted9lm - 1W / 433lm - 4W Light UpEarth48lm - 7W / 5370lm - 46.7W
  • Pixel Top Bend 16mm
  • Linear lighting fixture with RGBW LEDs (4000K CRI 80 white LEDs).
  • The product is not considered suitable for installation in swimming pools and fountains.


LED luminaire with optical assembly, an upper cap for ceiling-mounted installation, and a lateral base for wall-mounted installation made of die-cast aluminum; transparent tempered sodium-calcium sealing glass and 4 mm thick, silicone to optical assembly.

  • Luminaire ready for pass-through wiring.
  • Available in white grey, with 3000 4000 k tunable white rgb
  • In dimensions from miniaturized 51mm to 192 mm.

Linealuce is a linear product that brings architectural details to life. The range has higher-performance solutions that minimize energy consumption per meter, in accordance with the size of the wall being lit. The Compact and Mini, surface-mounted and recessed versions, are
available with a vast range of optics and color temperatures and when combined with control systems are ready to help designers create new narratives for architecture to tell.

  • Luminaire intended for use with monochromatic, RGBW, Tunable White, and Tunable Warm LED.
  • Ceiling, wall, and surface installation.
  • Extruded aluminum body and flush end caps in die-cast zamak.
  • 4 optics types are available: Wall Grazing, Wall Grazing with Microlouvre, Accent and Flood Light, and No Dot.
  • The LineaLuce is divided into the Mini and Compact versions, both available in surface and recessed versions
Linealuce27 surface Linealuce37 recessed
Linealuce47 surface Linealuce47 recessed


Betwo came about from the idea of using an innovative and spatial relationship to stage Opti Diamond technology, capable of changing the perception of space by animating it. Direct as well as direct/indirect emission, with general lighting versions, UGR<19 and luminous fluxes from 1300lm up to 6600lm. It was decided to add an element to the simple, circular shape capable of capturing and narrating light. The two elements can also be combined with different finishes to create decorative details that fit into and characterize the setting.


  • Surface/Suspension
  • White/Black/Champagne
  • 300k/3500k/4000k
  • Downlight/Up & Down

BeTwo Pure

  • Translucent textured lower outer ring
  • surface/suspension/track
  • white/black/champagne
  • 3000/3500/4000k
  • Downlight, Up/Down

Available recessed, surface, suspended, and on low voltage track, in professional and miniaturized versions.

In finishes black, white, gold, and burnished chrome, with adjustable and wall washer option

Laser ceiling

  • 723lm - 12.3W / 1615lm - 16.8W

Laser Blade XS general
The Blade cuts through ceilings and disappears into grooves just 28mm wide to perform a trick of light: architecture that opens to illuminate itself. The Blade is a masterpiece of precision, and nanotechnology capable of transforming a small invisible LED into a powerful and uniform circle of light.

The main body has a radiant surface made of die-cast aluminum.

High Contrast for general lighting- ceiling

152lm - 2W / 3154lm - 33.4W

Wall Washer - ceiling

512lm - 17W / 817lm - 19.7W

General Lighting Pro - ceiling

607lm - 9.9W / 2622lm - 33.4W

Easy ceiling general lighting. A reflector in metallic-finish thermoplastic material with scratch protection for excellent lighting efficiency and visual comfort

General lighting versions are available with white reflectors.

Light Shed 14
Light Shed 14 is fitted with the patented optic Opti Diamond, in its black and white finish. In addition to its visual quality, the brilliance of this optic increases its rich light emission by balancing luminance on different planes and filling the space around it with visual and perceptual comfort that is UGR<19. With the Smart Module accessory, Light Shed 14 extends its functionality beyond light by integrating smart devices and Bluetooth control. Surface or pendant-mounted, in individual modules or a continuous line.

Libera System

It can build complex systems or stand on its own as a luminous sign. A positive formal ambiguity means the lighting system can create hybrid graphics interplaying with space in different ways.

Libera system pendant

Versions available with white or black Space optical unit and with opal micro-texture or smoky satin-finish screen.

Translucent textured thermoplastic raster, created with a catadioptric system.

Libera Stand alone

4 colour temperatures: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K.

Finishes available: White, Black, Titanium and Blue with white and black Space optical unit.

Available in 2 lengths L=1428 and L=1828.

Palco Recessed/Surface
These are wall and ceiling-mounted luminaires with recessed fixing system with steel wire springs. The Palco luminaires come as single models with base and multiples with linear support; and multiple models with the possibility of continuous installation and retaining centers.

The spotlight's body is made of die-cast aluminum, with aluminum mounting brackets.

Floodlight movements: 90° angle on the horizontal plane and 355° rotation around the vertical axis.

Le Perroquet
This luminaire is a light design icon, described by Renzo Piano as having “a joyful design that animates space”. This spotlight was originally created to light the Pompidou Centre in Paris, and this product has become an emblem of timeless design. The spotlight is dimmable and is made from die-cast aluminium to make it more durable, and able to withstand higher temperatures.

Fitted with mechanical aiming locks, so rotation and tilting movements can be locked in position to ensure efficient light aiming even after the original installation or during maintenance.

Le Perroquet-wall/ceiling ø89mm

  • 1705lm - 22.3W / 1768lm - 22.3W
  • Very Wide FloodMedium (M)Flood (F)

Le Perroquet-wall/ceiling ø156mm

  • 3165lm - 37.1W / 3665lm - 37.5W
  • Spot (S)Flood (F)Wide Flood (WF)

  • wall/ceiling ø162mm

Le Perroquet-wall/ceiling ø162mm

3990lm - 43.4W / 4305lm - 43.4W
Spot (S)Flood (F)Wide Flood (WF)

View Opti Linear

Made of die-cast aluminium and thermoplastic material.
90° tilting on horizontal plane; 360° rotation around the vertical axis with mechanical aim locking.

View Opti Linear 170x126 View Opti Linear 210x146 wall washer

iN 30

Luminaire with high contrast; a modular lighting system for continuous lines, made with extruded aluminum profile. The ceiling-mounted modules are supplied in two lengths; the possibility of individual installation or grouping in a continuous line, completing the modules with the accessories supplied.

Isola Floating Comfort

It has a discrete aura emission that creates a floating effect in space. Three extremely compact circular shapes with diameters of 590 mm, 870 mm, and 1150 mm share a soft design. Two optics are available, general lighting with an opal methacrylate diffuser screen, and controlled luminance with a micro-prismatic diffuser screen that ensures high luminous efficiency and perfect luminance control at UGR<19, with single and dual emission. Luminous flux values from 5770 to 22436-lumen system. Tunable white versions and high color rendering. Pendant, recessed, and surface installation. Light beyond light: Isola becomes an intelligence-of-light tool.

Isola pendant

Isola ceiling light

Isola recessed Isola wall

As a result of current security standards, ceiling-mounted emergency and warning lighting has become very common in offices and public spaces to make sure these places adhere to emergency standards, clearly stating where the exits are located. Emergency lighting requires a highly complex, functional design that meets strict testing procedures and they need to be visible without dominating the environment in case of emergency. Motus stands out for its essential, elegant design that allows it to fit into high-quality contexts as a general lighting fixture that’s fit for purpose.

Motus Pictogram

  • 40lm - 2.7W
  • Diffused light

Motus Escape ceiling/recessed

  • 189lm - 3.6W / 200lm - 4.5W
  • Emergency lighting

Motus Antipanic ceiling/recessed

  • 219lm - 3.6W / 220lm - 4.5W
  • Emergency lighting


  • surface/recessed
  • 150lm - 3.2W / 250lm - 4.7W

Underscore InOut
Underscore InOut allows different addressing of minimum lengths of 83.3 mm, the equivalent of 48 different addresses per meter. The resolution is 12 pixels/m. SPI technology allows high-speed color transition and absolutely simple wiring for designing dynamic lighting effects and video reproduction, controllable using Art-Net systems.

Underscore InOut Side Bend 10mm

  • 16lm - 1.7W / 3448lm - 61.6W
  • General lighting
  • RGB

Underscore InOut Side Bend 16mm

  • 19lm - 1.7W / 3690lm - 65.1W
  • General lighting
  • RGBTunable White

Underscore InOut Top Bend 16mm

  • 35lm - 1.2W / 5601lm - 75.6W
  • General lighting
  • RGBTunable White

Underscore InOut Pixel Top Bend 16mm

  • 32lm - 2.7W / 704lm - 57.6W
  • RGBW

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