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Ventilated Facades - Granitech | Fiandre

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    Ventilated wall system
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    Commercial, corporate, health care, hospitality
  • Characteristics

    enhanced natural ventilation, acoustic absorption, durable materials, easy to install, higher overall performance

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The Granitech System from Fiandre offers a durable and energy efficient facade solutions for buildings. The system can be used for both new builds and renovations of existing buildings. The system is especially beneficial for tall, exposed, isolated buildings.

Ventilated wall systems are increasing in popularity and their benefits are being recognised within the use of modern architecture. It's benefits allow for more design freedom of facades while still ensuring performance requirements are met.

Benefits of Ventilated Wall Systems:

  • Thermal Performance
    The ventilated wall systems assist with natural thermal control by reducing the amount of heat absorbed in hot weather and can retain heat in colder weather. This is due to the partial reflection of solar radiation by the cladding, the ventilated air gap and the inclusion of an insulating material.
  • Ventilation Performance
    The chimney effect created by the system creates an efficient source of natural ventilation assisting with the removal of heat and moisture, improving the comfort of occupants with the building.
  • Acoustic Performance
    Ventilated walls help to reflect surrounding noise. This effect is particularly highly-performing when constructed with layers consisting of facing, air gap and insulating material, ensuring a certain level of acoustic absorption.

Understanding the Structure

Ventilated facades are a complex, multi-layer structural solution that enables "dry" installation of the covering elements. Structurally, the system can be viewed as a "cantilever" design in comparison to more traditional facades.

The facade is anchored to the building wall via a steel load-bearing structure, consisting of brackets and anchoring elements. This allows the assembly of "independent" layers and the creation of the air gap.

Granitech Ventilated Facade

The effect of ventilation is much more effective when applied to the entire facade. For this reason importance needs to be given to the dimensioning of the system for the optimum intake and discharge.

Granitech System

Using Fiandre's Granitech ventilated wall system in conjunction with GranitiFiandre materials ensures higher performance standards in comparison to traditional building materials.


The benefits of the Granitech ventilated wall in comparison to traditional ones include:

  • Elimination of the risk of cracked covering
  • Elimination of the risk of detachment from the wall
  • Protection of the walls against the direct action of atmospheric agents
  • Elimination of beat bridges leading to energy saving
  • Elimination of surface condensation (the presence of an air gap facilitates evacuation of water stream from the interior and promotes the removal of possible moisture)
  • Lasting efficiency of the outer insulating material, which is kept perfectly dry thanks to an excellent ventilation
  • Easy on site installation regardless of the climatic conditions
  • Maintenance and work con be carried out on individual tiles
  • Creation of a technical working space for pipe and duct housing

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