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Z-Box Drawer Curtain System in LoPaA Residential Block | BANDALUX
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Z-Box Drawer Curtain System in LoPaA Residential Block | BANDALUX

  • Use

    Exterior curtain system
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Blackout, up to 250 km/h wind resistance, aluminum, stainless steel
  • Certification

    Effinergie + and NF Habitat HQE Excellent and Biosourcé (1st level) certification, CSTB wind resistance certification according to NF EN 13561 - NF EN 1932 standards

More about this product

LoPaA is a 57-unit residential building located on Boulevard Auriol, Paris (France). For this project, Bandalux has exclusively developed a curtain that combines two fabrics, Blackout and Polyscreen®.


Designed by Sophie Delhay, the architectural approach to the building was based on: maximising natural light, creating comfortable spaces for tenants and generating optimal acoustic control in an area of intense urban activity.

By using the Z-Box drawer system, the user is able to completely block the passage of light, thanks to the Zip-Deep zippered side guide and the Max terminal. A combination that together with a Blackout fabric becomes the best alternative to blinds.

Over 100 Z-Box drawer systems were installed on the exterior of the residential building, changing the facade from a grey building with reflective aluminum windows, to having white blocks that cover the exterior of the windows and doors.


The installation of these systems by Bandalux have helped the building achieve the Effinergie + and NF Habitat HQE Excellent and Biosourcé (1st level) certification, classifying this project as a high-performance, quality and sustainable building in all phases of its life cycle.

The bottom pieces of some of the blinds are semi-transparent allowing some light in, which becomes a complete blackout blind when lowered full length over the lintol. This was achieved by combining Polyscreen® 403 and Trend Light BO to form a single curtain that preserves properties and helps guests create the mood they want at every moment.


The Z-Box curtains are hidden and integrated into the prefabricated wooden panels that make up the façade, thus favoring thermal insulation and acoustic comfort.

Bandalux Curtain system in new residential building LopaA in paris France on exterior of building

In addition, the Z-Box drawer system is made with components on aluminum and stainless steel. The highly technical system is capable of resisting winds of up to 250 km/h. This was certified by the CSTB (Center Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment) according the the NF EN 13561 - NF EN 1932 standards. The actual wind resistance depends on the size of the curtain.

Project Name LoPaA
Location Paris, France
Year 2021
Architect Sophie Delhay
Bandalux solution Z-Box, Polyscreen 403, Trend Light BO

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