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Awnings - markilux 8800 | Markilux

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  • Applications

    Solar protection
  • Characteristics

    Made to measure, choice of colour, selection of accessories and operating options, system and fabric produced together in Germany
  • Sizes

    Above-glass awning: max. 700 × 450 cm / 500 × 700 cm | bzw. 600 × 450 cm / 500 × 600 cm (tracfix)
  • Certification

    EN ISO 9001
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More about this product

Made to measure awnings by markilux create new outdoor possibilities for use through the seasons by directing the sun, setting the light, and protecting from rain. The materials created by markilux offer a broad variety of use; they are extremely weather-resistant, robust, and versatile. The installation of the solar protection systems is exclusively handled by specialist partners.

The markilux 8800 is an above-glass conservatory awning that reflects glaring sunlight, and ultraviolet light as well as a considerable proportion of heat radiation to immerse the conservatory in diffused natural daylight. Heat remains outside while you can properly enjoy being inside, whether you have small or large glass areas, or classic or hipped roofs.

markilux tracfix

This lateral cover guidance system doesn't have a gap between the awning/blind cover and the guide track; this guarantees a more attractive overall appearance and better wind stability.


  • Cover guidance system: Guide tracks
  • Optional: tracfix
  • Cover tension: Gas pistons
  • Wind speed: 6 → 38 – 48 km/h
  • Options: Coupled awning

Intelligent Climate Control

Intelligent climate control gives benefits both for the home and for the environment; markilux window and winter garden awnings temper, cool, keep heat, and protect. The awnings create an ideal climate for being outside using intelligent technology with a minimum of effort and without compromising aesthetics.

Options and Accessories

markilux offers operating technologies that are easy to use, optional lighting features, and additional accessories such as heaters.

  • Operation
    Choices include: manual, motor, or remote control awnings. Optionally, sensors for sun, wind, and rain provide weather-dependent control of an electric markilux awning and the option for automation means that they can be operated from a different location via smartphone or tablet
  • Color
    Frame colors are chosen to complement and enhance the fabrics and come in a range of standard offerings or any RAL color required. Awning fabrics are offered in a huge range of options all designed and made by markilux
  • Light
    An integrated LED lighting for awnings creates a pleasant and atmospheric ambiance; options include an LED line built into the cassette, guide tracks or folding arms or discreet LED spotlights under the cassette, in the front profile or attached to the light bar. A separate LED-Spotline can be fitted almost anywhere
  • Warmth
    Electric awning heating with markilux radiant heaters provides energy-efficient warmth. The heater is mounted directly on the awning frame in strategically advantageous locations. Alternatively, a stand-alone 1.400 Watt infrared heater can be used.
  • Shade
    Shadeplus is an awning inside an awning to give additional cover by descending vertically downwards from the front profile. Coupled awnings can also be used to cover more area by connecting two or three synchronized awnings.

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