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Thin Brick Facade in Savelovsky City Towers | Feldhaus Klinker
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Thin Brick Facade in Savelovsky City Towers | Feldhaus Klinker

  • Use

    Brick facade
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Weather/frost/fire resistant, 100% natural product, sustainable production, light-weight, customizable color/size/surface, color-fast
  • Sizes

    9-25mm thickness
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Feldhaus Klinker

More about this product

The Savelovsky City project was carried out as part of the complex reconstruction of a former industrial area in the Butyrskiy district of Moscow. The goal of the project was to create a pleasant living and working environment. The complex consists of three 20-story office buildings and three 46-story towers housing apartments. The thin brick facade from Feldhaus Klinker creates strong lines to emphasize the residential tower's height and verticality.

The layout of the site and its proximity to the railroad line determined the composition of the complex. Six rectangular buildings, each with its narrow side facing the tracks for soundproofing, occupy virtually the entire width of the site, minus the necessary access roads and landscaping. Underneath the entire complex is an underground parking garage. The three skyscrapers, which are a good 150 meters high, are connected by a continuous two-story base, where numerous stores are designed to cater to the needs of residents.

Brick Facade

The simple orthogonal shape of the buildings draws all attention to the facade solutions. The parallel and vertical subdivisions develop into an elegant geometric ornament. The ventilated curtain wall system used offered all the possibilities in respect of design for this purpose. The detailed and elegant facade is achieved with Feldhaus Klinker's thin brick waterstruck 773 series. The vertical opening of the facades is reinforced by risalites protruding from the center or corners of the towers.

The unique facade design is complemented by the extraordinary color scheme of the entire complex. Each building has its own color: the office buildings in yellow, light silver and terracotta, the skyscrapers in an intricate shade of latte. The latter are also clad with a ventilated curtain wall and clinker brick slips - a material traditionally used in residential construction. Their particular materiality is typical of Moscow buildings of the 1950s or the classic design of Chicago skyscrapers of the 1920s.

The construction solutions are based on international "best practice" examples. As a result, the building technology used ensures a comfortable microclimate throughout the year. The technical building equipment is supplied with automatic regulation and remote control by the building management system, which significantly improves the reliability and operating efficiency of the building services.

Project Details

Address Moscow, North-Eastern Administrative District, st. Novodmitrovskaya
Client MR Group
Design SPEECH/Sergey Choban
Project architects Alexey Ilyin, Anastasia Kozyreva, Igor Chlenov, Anna Deryabina, Igor Zykin, Ekaterina Larkina, Valentin Pchelin, Olga Popova
Land plot 5,17 ha
Planning 2011-2014
Construction and commissioning 2016-2019
Photos SPEECH/VOSTOK Dmitry Chistoprudov
Thin brick used waterstruck 773

Contact manufacturer

Feldhaus Klinker

Contact manufacturer

Contact manufacturer

Feldhaus Klinker

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