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How to Use Aluminium Cladding on Garage Doors | DECO Australia
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How to Use Aluminium Cladding on Garage Doors | DECO Australia

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    Garage door
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    Durable, light-weight, secure. easy-to-maintain

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Garage doors are an important part of the appearance of a home but are often an over-looked or unloved part of a home design. With DECO Australia, there are a variety of strategies available to ensure that the garage is a beautiful as well as functional part of your home.


Wood is a beautiful-looking construction material, however, it is heavy and requires constant maintenance to remain attractive. DecoWood® woodgrain aluminium finish allows you to create a wood-look garage door that is easy to maintain, lightweight and durable. In addition to its weather resistance and marine-grade powder coating, it offers a layer of security to your home.

Wood-look Battens

DecoBatten™ is a light-weight aluminium extrusion that is powder-coated with DecoWood® to emulate the look of a timber batten. DecoBatten’s™ QuickClickTM 2-piece system allows for quick installation and an even finish.

Seamless Transitions

DecoClad® is well suited for use on garage doors and can be extended onto surrounding cladding surfaces creating the impression of a flush, seamless, consistent facade.

Facade Integration

Why not coordinate the facade treatment even further and specify the same finish for the garage as the overall house facade? This approach results in a holistic appearance that reduces the visual impact of the garage door on the facade.

Circular Battens

Circular aluminium tubes can be easily affixed to the face of a garage door, creating a stylish cladding that is lightweight, durable, and easy to maintain. A range of finishes that include wood-grain, rust, and concrete allows you to design a striking facade to suit a range of styles.

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DECO Australia

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DECO Australia

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