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Flexform in Casa Ell | Flexform
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Flexform in Casa Ell | Flexform

  • Use

    Indoor and outdoor furniture, sofa, armchair, coffee table, stool, dining chairs, dining table, daybed, ottoman
  • Applications

    Private residence
  • Characteristics

    Contemporary design, furnishing solutions

More about this product

Casa Ell, located in Brianza, Italy features Flexform indoor and outdoor furniture. The home is located near the Parco della Brughiera Briantea, an area known for its natural scenic beauty. Oriented east-west on the lot, the first of two large spaces includes the living room, kitchen, dining area and office. The other is designed as a workspace and garage. Both are located on the short north-south oriented ends of the structure.

In between are the bedrooms, with western exposure, while the bathrooms and laundry room face east. The walls of the living room and laboratory are reinforced concrete and have pitched ceilings, while the plastered walls and lower ceilings in the bedrooms and bathrooms lend a greater sense of coziness.

Flexform | Casa Ell | Photo: MATTEO IMBRIANI | Guscioalto

The differences in the public and private spaces are conveyed through size, materials, and finishes. In the large open space, the exposed pitched ceiling is clad in chestnut wood slats; the floor is in smooth concrete, and the walls in reinforced concrete. In the private areas, the ceilings are flat, the hardwood floors in chestnut, and the walls are plastered.

Flexform | Casa Ell | Photo: MATTEO IMBRIANI | Soffio Dining Table

Project Data:

Project Name Casa Ell
Location Brianza, Italy
Year 2018
Architect Marco Ortalli
Products Used
Photographer Matteo Imbriani / architectural pictures Marcello Mariana

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