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How to Plan Plumbing Differently | Saniflo
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How to Plan Plumbing Differently | Saniflo

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    Residential, commercial
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    Greywater pumps, macerator pumps, lifting stations, design flexibility, time0saving, ease of construction

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Plumbing is an integral part of all new building or renovation projects, regardless of building type and scale. Yet in certain applications, the installation of conventional plumbing is difficult or impractical, and often poses a significant undertaking in terms of time and money. So how can you plan your plumbing differently?

Key issues associated with conventional plumbing are the physical barriers to access and the labor-intensive process of drilling into sub-floor or wall cavities during the installation stage. The disruption and inconvenience caused by the installation or renovation of wet areas is also a weighty consideration. Furthermore, conventional plumbing places significant constraints on design flexibility, restricting the locations in which bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, and other facilities requiring plumbing may be installed.

Technological improvements have resulted in a range of innovative products that pose alternatives to conventional plumbing solutions. Macerator pumps, greywater pumps, and lifting stations are vital technologies to overcome the constraints of traditional plumbing, here is how they may benefit your next new construction or renovation project.

Macerator Pumps

Macerator pumps enable the installation of plumbed facilities in locations below or too far from the main sewer line to facilitate adequate drainage. While normal toilets flush into a sewer line using a gravity-fed system to transport the wastewater, toilets fitted with a macerator pump do not rely on gravity. Instead, waste is liquefied by rapidly rotating blades, then pumped through a small diameter pressure pipe that is connected to the main drain line.

Macerator pumps are ideal for domestic and commercial toilets and are particularly valuable additions to toilets in childcare services, end-of-trip facilities, office toilets, and accessible bathrooms.

Greywater Pumps

Greywater pumps are suitable for residential or commercial renovation and extension projects where additional water fixtures are desired. Compact but high-powered pumps push wastewater through small diameter pressure pipes, enabling the installation of plumbing below, or far from, the main sewer line. Grey water pumps are beneficial in commercial and hospitality environments with heavy water use, including laundries, cafes, and restaurants.

Lifting Stations

Lifting stations provide a reliable, high-performance means of discharging black and grey wastewater. When attached to fixtures that drain to a point below the sewer line, lifting stations elevate and evacuate wastewater to the nearest drainage point on the main drain line. They are suitable for a broad range of residential and commercial environments including apartments, offices, remote accommodation, and even offshore oilrigs.


For over 60 years, Saniflo has provided architects and hydraulic engineers with the ability to quickly and easily install bathroom fixtures, laundry rooms, and kitchens anywhere and without major construction work. With its reputation for high-quality French design and manufacture, Saniflo has earned its position as a global leader in plumbing solutions manufacturing. Saniflo offers a range of macerator pumps, greywater pumps, and lifting stations to suit a variety of project scales and requirements.

Saniflo products offer not only efficient, high-performance design but also design flexibility, easy installation without disrupting existing construction elements, and peace of mind in terms of quality and reliability. Their space-saving products are quick and relatively simple to install, making them perfect for today’s compact spaces and tight project turnarounds.

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