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Lifting Station - Sanicubic® 2 VX | Saniflo
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Lifting Station - Sanicubic® 2 VX | Saniflo

  • Use

    Lifting station
  • Applications

    Public buildings, commercial
  • Characteristics

    Dual motor, easy servicing & maintenance, easy to install, standard equipment, alarms for safety
  • Sizes

    952 x 751 x 713 - W x H x D (mm)

More about this product

Sanicubic® 2 VX from Saniflo is a powerful lifting station used for demanding commercial situations. It features twin 2000w motors, vortex blade-less pumping technology which is well suited for public applications where usage is uncontrolled.

Features & Benefits:

  • Two integrated non-return valves and four inlets: 40/50/100/110 mm and one inlet 40/50 mm.
  • A working temperature of 35°C. Will handle up to 70°C for short periods.
  • Volt free contact for connection to a Building Management System
  • A control panel that has a built-in alarm, with an additional wired alarm.
  • Control panel mounted up to 4 m from the pump and an additional alarm can be mounted up to 5 m from the control panel.
  • The base of the pump needs to be a minimum of 275 mm below the lowest fixture
  • Allow 200 mm clearance around the pump for maintenance purposes
  • Ideal for large volume commercial situations.
  • Large bore vortex pump with a 50 mm free passage capable of pumping wastewater without the need to macerate.
  • Easily removable motors for servicing and maintenance.
  • Large 120 L tank volume.
  • Easy to install – no need to excavate.
  • Two alarms for ultimate safety – both hard-wired.

Technical Characteristics:

Discharge Pipework

80 mm pipework. Maximum vertical lift 10 m. 100 mm pipework maximum vertical lift 6 m.

Motor Power 2000 Watts x 2
Flow Rate 40 mз/h
Voltages 220-240 V/50 Hz
Tank Volume 120 L
Working Waste Water Temp

35°C/Max 70°C (intermittent)

Product Weight 59 kg
Overall Measurements 952 x 751 x 713 mm
IP Rating IP68
Cable length for Control Panel 4m

Cable length for Wired Alarm Panel


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