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Tensile Architecture: Nets, ropes and tapes | Lastra y Zorrilla
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Tensile Architecture: Nets, ropes and tapes | Lastra y Zorrilla

  • Use

    Nets, topes and tapes
  • Applications

    Commercial, cultural, public, hospitality
  • Characteristics

    Different shapes and forms achieved by attaching materials at different points, variety of possible materials, shadow effects

More about this product

Lastra & Zorilla net, ropes and tapes are canopies or sculptures made of rope-like elements. This is usually done for aesthetic effect, with very interesting shadows generated by the wireframe geometry. These canopies can be linear elements set out to make a certain geometry, an aesthetic shape created by patterned net and shadow, or even building envelopes.


There’s a broad range of materials that can be used for these singular elements. From all kinds of ropes of different sizes, to nets with varying gap sizes, or even foil straps made of a material such as PVC, or ETFE.


The wire elements can be arranged to form a variety of shapes. From flat surfaces to ruled surfaces. The form depends on the points at which they’re attached.


Lastra & Zorilla use many different systems to attach the nets or ropes to each other and the main structure; from knotting the ropes themselves, to small steel pieces designed to grip the material without damaging it.

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