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Aluminum Panels - Acoustic Sails | Metawell
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Aluminum Panels - Acoustic Sails | Metawell

  • Use

    Interior acoustic cladding
  • Applications

    Corporate, educational, healthcare, public, sports
  • Characteristics

    Lightweight aluminum, low maintenance, high rigidity, ready-to-be-installed systems, CNC machining

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More about this product

In office buildings, kindergartens, schools, sports halls, public administration, and public buildings, or certain areas in hospitals – excessive noise is perceived as disturbing and leads to reduced performance. Creating acoustically pleasant rooms is a great challenge, especially when considering building physics and design trends, like concrete core tempering. The optimization of the audibility in the room increased speech intelligibility, and a low reverberation time is of great importance here.

Compared to many sound absorbers available on the market, Metawell® ideally covers the speech frequencies (300-600 Hz), making it perfect for rooms where people talk at the same time (e.g. large open-plan offices).


  • Metawell® acoustic elements are suitable for all rooms where the reverberation time impairs speech intelligibility. The elements have performed so well in acoustic tests that they have been classified as „Absorber Class A“.
  • The aluminum sandwich structure warrants high rigidity with an elegant and filigree appearance. With only 6 mm of visible edge, the element is very thin, but at the same time so rigid that the suspension ropes can be arranged far in the center of the panel and are therefore barely visible.
  • With the included suspension ropes, the sail can be mounted in no time. A minimum suspension height is lower, a different suspension system is available on request.
  • With a weight of only 8.9 kg, the element is lightweight under the acoustic elements.
  • The element is delivered with a high-quality coil-coated surface in the color RAL 9010 (pure white). If renovation is required after years, the element can be easily covered, the acoustic values are still preserved.
  • Even repeated overcoating is possible without loss of performance.
  • The acoustic elements can be downloaded as BIM objects.
  • Easy and fast installation.
  • Can also be mounted under sloping ceilings.
  • Cut-outs and additional attachments are possible.

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