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Facade Panel - Slate | Rieder Group
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Facade Panel - Slate | Rieder Group

  • Use

    Facades, ventilated walls, roofs, interiors
  • Applications

    Educational, residential, hotel, culture, corporate
  • Characteristics

    Facade panels made of fibreC, glass-fiber reinforced concrete, 100% non-combustible, sustainable, durable, can be fastened visibly or concealed on a metal substructure, dyed throughout with natural color pigments
  • Format

    Panels | surface: ferro soft
  • Colors

    23 colors
  • Sizes

    Width: max. 1350 | Length: max. 5000 | Thickness: 13 + 2 mm
  • Certification

    ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certifications | A1 “non-combustible” as per DIN 4102

More about this product

Rieder presents concrete skin, facade panels made of fibreC glass fiber reinforced concrete. It is an authentic material in line with the current trend towards natural, environmentally-friendly, and sustainable materials that achieve an aesthetically appealing and modern effect. The sturdy panels, only 13 mm thin, open up great freedom for the design of individual facades. Concrete skin pulls smoothly over buildings, corners, and edges like a skin and creates a unique material flow.

Slate texture: The appearance of the texture is based on slate slabs and their natural layers. A unique light refraction occurs at the edges of the rock layers, causing them to stand out to varying degrees depending on the angle the light hits. Since light conditions change over the course of the day, the facade with this texture has a different appearance depending on the time of day. This gives the building a vibrant and natural look. Like an image of nature, the facade blends harmoniously into its surroundings.

These rain screen facade panels exist to cover buildings like a skin made of extruded concrete – opening entirely new possibilities for modern ventilated wall designs with long-term durability. Concrete skin can be fastened visibly or concealed on a metal substructure

Colors and Surfaces

Concrete skin facade panels are through-colored with natural color pigments and are available in 23 different colors and three surfaces - FE ferro (sandblasted), FE ferro light (sandblasted at lower pressure) and MA matt (brushed, smooth surface), with countless creative possibilities regarding color, structure, and form. Special colors are available on request.

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