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Audio-Visual Mounts and Structures | Draper
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Audio-Visual Mounts and Structures | Draper

  • Use

    Audiovisual equipment
  • Applications

    Residential, commercial, corporate, educational, cultural, industrial
  • Characteristics

    Custom audiovisual solutions, complex projects can be managed by Draper from concept and design to manufacturing and installation

More about this product

Draper AV Mounts and Structures for Displays provide an interface between LED and LCD displays and the building where they will be viewed. Mounts & Structures for Displays are described in three categories:

  1. Core Solutions
    Products for standard applications. These mounts and structures are available off-the-shelf with little customization and are compatible with a wide range of standard displays and VESA patterns.
  2. Advanced Solutions
    ® catalog products that allow for some customization.
  3. Tailored Solutions
    100% custom. These solutions are project-based and are custom-designed by Draper in-house engineering staff in close coordination with your team and for your needs. Draper can manage your Tailored project from concept and design all the way through manufacturing and installation.

Core and Advanced

  • Video Wall Mount
    This range of mounts offers a simple way of building a video wall array really close to the wall. Versions for landscape, portrait, and large displays are also available, along with a free-standing structure and a mount that allows for easy pop-out of displays for servicing.
  • Foundation® Mount System
    Walls that aren’t flat, floors that are uneven, and tight installation deadlines are just a few of the headaches installers face. The Foundation® Mount System for LED was designed with installers in mind. Unlike “universal” LED structures, the Foundation requires no additional cutting or modifications on site. Available for several leading LED brands, with more versions released on a consistent basis.
  • Draper® Mount Interface and SmartTrim™ for Barco UniSee®
    To overcome nearly all installation challenges; this simple-to-install wall-mounting solution enables installation onto various wall construction types. the trim clicks securely into place with magnets to cover and protect the Barco UniSee® wall mount.


A complex project needs innovative solutions. Draper agile engineering and manufacturing capabilities make these possible. The dedicated custom solutions team also has the project management experience to guide you through the entire process—from concept to sign-off.

  • Curved video walls
    has designed custom projects with convex and concave curve, and with both. With the expertise to design precise structures for faceted or smooth LED walls.
  • Non-standard aspect ratios
    Due to the modular nature of LED, a video wall no longer has to stay within strict 16:9 or 4:3 formats, Draper can build a video wall structure as long or as tall as you like, and in any shape.
  • Seamless walls
    Unlike LCD technology, LED displays don’t have visible borders that frame the image. Draper's structures are designed to deliver millimeter-scale precision to ensure there are no visible seams.
  • Bring building to life
    Draper structures are sturdy and combine with LED modules to create a wall, ceiling, or floor that is actually a vibrant display, delivering content or, entertainment, mood enhancement, or wayfinding that appears to be part of the building’s structure.

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