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Modular Metal Wall - Qbiss One | Trimo
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Modular Metal Wall - Qbiss One | Trimo

  • Use

    Data centre, shopping centre, logistics, airports, business office, museums, warehouse, education, military, industrial, show rooms, health care
  • Applications

    Insulated façade, soffit, internal wall, ceiling
  • Characteristics

    Prefabricated, fire-resistant, easy installation, thermal insulation, sound insulation, air permeability, water permeability, food processing, aesthetic
  • Format

    Raster length: 500mm - 6500mm ; module width: 600mm - 1200mm; thickness: 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 133mm, 150mm, 172mm, 200mm, 240mm, 250mm; Vertical/Horizontal/Brick
  • Certification

    CE, Zulassung, LPCB, FM, EPD

More about this product

Qbiss One is a prefabricated architectural facade system from Trimo.

Qbiss One Metal Wall

Qbiss One is a world-class engineered, prefabricated, A1 mineral wool insulated, metal facade system from Trimo that offers a complete wall solution, with a single construction element. It has rounded corners, unmatchable flatness and advanced technical characteristics.

Total Wall Solution

  • Single component pre-engineered and prefabricated construction element
  • Self-supporting column to column horizontal of floor to floor vertical installation
  • vertical installation

Limitless Design Possibilities

  • Extensive range of interfaces and bespoke elements
  • Integrated windows, doors and louvers systems
  • Prefabricated corners and rounded corners without cuts, folds or welds
  • 3D corner elements, curved elements, trapezoidal elements
  • Extreme flatness
  • Multiple joint possibilities

Maximum Safety

  • Class A1 non-combustible mineral wool insulation core
  • High-level insulation values as low as 0.15 W/m2K
  • Fire resistance: up to class EI120 integrity and insulation
  • Watertightness: class A (1200 Pa)
  • Flexible coating warranties up to 30 years and lifetime expectancy up to 50 years


External facade cladding and soffit applications for mixed-use developments, data centers, airports, residential, public, and healthcare buildings.

Color range Bright, medium, dark
Unit dimension T (mm) 80-250
M (mm) 600-1200
R (mm) 500-6500
External steel sheet Thickness t (mm) 0.7
Profile Gladio (G)
Internal steel sheet Thickness t (mm) 0.5-0.7
Profile S, V, V2, M, M3
Features Mineral Wool core (EN 14509) Power T, Power S, Perform C
Weight (kg/m2) 18.7-41.5
Reaction to fire A2-s1, d0
Fire resistance up to El120
Thermal transmittance U (W/m/m2K) as low as 0.15
Airborn sound insulation Rw(C:Ctr) (dB) up to 30(-1;-3)
Water permeability (EN 14509) class A (1200Pa)
Burglary resistance class (EN 11627) RC3* pending certification

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