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Modular Space Solutions | Trimo
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Modular Space Solutions | Trimo

  • Use

    Accommodations, offices, showrooms, hotels, schools and kindergartens, infrastructure buildings, etc.
  • Applications

    Commercial, hospitality, educational, industrial, governmental
  • Characteristics

    Modular, thermal insulation, sound reduction, sustainable, prefabricated

More about this product

Trimo supplies modular space solutions, with clients such as Modspace, Lego, UN, OSCE, Shell, Lukoil, Eni Saipem and many others. Trimo modular units are made of natural materials and are almost 100% recyclable. The modular solutions deliver great environmental benefits including thermal insulation and sound reduction to present an adaptable, versatile, and sustainable modular solution.

Trimo modular units can be shipped assembled flat-packed for on-site installation with just the minimum of tools. Units can also be easily disassembled after use and transferred to a new location.


Modular Space Solutions in Commerce

Commercial applications demand flexible, innovative modular building systems with sustainable credentials. Trimo’s prefab modular units are available from basic, comfortable solutions right through to high-end versatile modular units, incorporating the highest specification materials

  • Offices
  • Showrooms
  • Exhibition Pavilions
  • Shops & Kiosks
  • Sport Facilities


Modular Space Solutions in Education

When more classroom space is needed Trimo’s modular units can be used to create larger classrooms, complete schools, add-on classroom space, kindergartens, playrooms and many other educational applications. Trimo’s units are flexible both in dimension and materials and comply with all standards and regulations.

  • Kindergartens
  • Schools
  • Other Education


Modular Space Solutions in Industry

Industrial applications often require the most robust and durable modular system solutions especially when operations are in remote locations in the harshest environments. Trimo’s complete modular camp solutions provide safe and comfortable living and working space and are offered in a wide range of bespoke prefab modular building solutions that have been designed specifically for use as telecom installations, industrial applications and other applications.

  • Oil & gas camps
  • Remote site camps
  • Telecommunication Stations
  • Waste Treatment Centres
  • Technical containers


Modular Space Solutions in Government

Fast and easy to set up and efficient too, Trimo modular solutions are used as temporary or permanent hospitals or health centers, public infrastructure buildings, and other social building applications. When it comes to military and relief operations undertaken by both government and non-government organizations, Trimo provides complete camp solutions that demand a rugged, re-locatable building for use in often the most remote areas across the globe. Additionally, Trimo offers bespoke, reinforced modular solutions that keep occupants safe even in some of the most dangerous and demanding locations.

  • Medical Facilities
  • Military Accommodations
  • Government Accommodations
  • Relief operations


Modular Space Solutions in Hospitality

The hotel and leisure sectors require innovative modular solutions and specialized buildings that can serve as marinas and campsites or holiday homes. Trimo modular units are customizable to allow investors and architects to create bespoke, cost-effective prefab modular solutions with almost infinite possibilities that utilize space efficiently.

  • Marinas & Camping
  • Hotels
  • Holiday Homes

More information at www.trimo-mss.com.

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