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Horgenglarus Furniture in Historic Türalihus | horgenglarus
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Horgenglarus Furniture in Historic Türalihus | horgenglarus

  • Use

    Dining table, chair, stool, table
  • Applications

    Interior furnishing
  • Characteristics

    Robust, sustainable, natural

More about this product

The original structure of the Türalihus dates back to 1465, while the predominant building form follows the extension made in 1775. In 2010-12 architects Capaul & Blumenthal renovated this home with the intent to preserve the original structure and unique character of the house. The worn stone steps, sooty areas in the old kitchen, painted paneling, and stoves in the rooms still bear witness to the time of its construction and the patterns of use over time.

After the removal of a crumbling exterior rough broom plaster from the 20th century, fragments of five different versions from the period between 1465 and 1775 emerged, which impressively illustrate the complex building history of the house. Maintaining the existing coexistence of different, staggered versions became the guiding principle of the facade restoration.

Four contemporary furniture pieces from Swiss furniture manufacturers Horgenglarus have been used to complement the interior refurbishment; The moser 1-256 chair, the péclard stool 11-020, sigma t-1560 table, and the ess.tee.tisch t-6500 table. The modern fittings in kitchens and bathrooms and the contemporary furnishings prove how well old and new can be combined.

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