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Horgenglarus Furniture in Placid Hotel | horgenglarus
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Horgenglarus Furniture in Placid Hotel | horgenglarus

  • Use

    Chair, stool, table
  • Applications

    Interior furnishing
  • Characteristics

    Robust, sustainable, natural

More about this product

Designed by E2A Architekten Zürich and located in Zürich-Altstetten, Switzerland, the Placid Hotel / Restaurant Buckhuser is part of a larger development that includes a palliative care facility, daycare, specialized medical facility, classrooms, service areas, and a hotel with a conference room, bar, and restaurant.

A complex and efficient service core services these various functions. Some feature self-contained vertical circulation which allows parallel and simultaneous operations to occur without causing conflicts of interest between the separate functions. The interplay of the programmatic elements results in a ground floor highly connected to the adjacent open space. The functions themselves create a public destination animated by the activity of the site, thus giving the space an urban quality.

The interiors of the hotel and restaurant are clean and contemporary utilizing a neutral material palette where the occupants become the central protagonists. Five products by the Swiss furniture manufacturer Horgenglarus have been used in the hotel and restaurant interiors; the moser 1–256 chair, the gloria t-1002 table, select bar stool 11-373, the ess.tee.tisch t-6500 table and the select 1–370 chair.

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