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Sliding Door Systems - Glow+ | Salice
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Sliding Door Systems - Glow+ | Salice

  • Use

    Wardrobe doors
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Magnetic damping, easy assembly
  • Sizes

    Max. weight of the door 70 kg

More about this product

Glow+ is a sliding system for wardrobes from Salice. The system has 2, 3 or more overlapping doors and is equipped with a magnetic damping system that decelerates the opening and closing action and delivers an extremely fluid and silent movement. The solution eliminates the typical noise and resistance produced by spring-action dampers and enables the door to be easily opened.

  • Glow+ can be used both with wooden doors and aluminum-framed doors, up to a max. weight of 70 kg
  • With the use of an optional additional strengthening kit, the system can carry doors up to 100 kg
  • Assembling Glow+ is very easy and intuitive. It can be installed with screws or automatically with pressure-fixed clips.
  • The system can be equipped with a magnetic cover that provides further aesthetic enhancement
  • Glow+ can be used in a host of application and is particularly suitable in living rooms and in bedroom wardrobes

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