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Plywood Chair - einpunktstuhl 7-050 | horgenglarus
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Plywood Chair - einpunktstuhl 7-050 | horgenglarus

  • Use

    Interior furniture
  • Applications

    Residential, hospitality
  • Characteristics

    Moulded plywood seat shell, black matte or chrome-plated metal frame and central attachment point
  • Sizes

    W43, D53, H83, SH46

More about this product

Hans Bellmann's Einpunkt plywood chair feels very familiar today although it was a bold opposite to the prevalent Carpenter style of the 1950s. The bellmann einpunkt chair from horgenglarus is a milestone in Swiss design history and Bellmann's greatest work. Its importance is based on a single screw—one point, hence the name—holding the construction in place, and on a flexible plywood back with a centre opening lending it a pleasant springiness. This centre opening doubles up as a handle, similar to the traditional Swiss Stabellen chair.

The cut-out also communicates the lightweight ergonomics of the chair. The bellmann chair only consists of a few components, is economic to produce and weighs in at just 3.8kg. Hans Bellmann's (1911–1990) designs, which bear the stamp of his studies at Bauhaus in Dessau and Berlin as well as of his job at Mies van der Rohe's architectural firm, excel in the most sparing use of resources. This visionary is amongst the most distinguished of pioneers in Switzerland's classical modernity. As "4015 ST," his Einpunkt chair received several awards for its good shape ("Die gute Form").

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