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Minimal Curtain Wall – Rabel 35000 Slim Super Thermal | Rabel Aluminium Systems
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Minimal Curtain Wall – Rabel 35000 Slim Super Thermal | Rabel Aluminium Systems

  • Use

    Façade System, Fixed Glazing
  • Applications

    Residential, commercial
  • Characteristics

    The most flexible Slim Façade System.

More about this product

Rabel 35000 Slim Super Thermal from Rabel Systems is a minimal curtain wall that has been engineered to make large full glass facades spanning up to 6.5 meters from slab to slab with or without transoms. In an effort to keep the structural components as slim as possible the system is based on a mullion width of 35mm. In the standard configurations, two pressure plates are available for a traditional and semi-structural look. In addition, square fins 200, 300, 400mm in length and 35 mm in width can be integrated on the outside of the façade to provide a means of shading.

The standard minimal curtain wall version comes with a perimeter frame that can be hidden in the building structure. Optionally a drainage gutter is provided to enhance water performance. The system is comprised of two different supporting aluminium posts the use of which depends on the height of the facade as well as the wind load.

Unlike most façade solutions which offer limited choices for moving panels the Rabel 35000 Slim Super Thermal minimal curtain wall seamlessly integrates sliding units, bi –fold units, hinged doors, railings and folding shading devices while keeping the structure slim.

Technical Characteristics:

Frame Height: 57 mm
Sash Height: 6500 mm
Glazing Width Possibilities: 35 mm
Thermal Break Width: 30 / 53 mm
Sealing Type: Gasket
Fabrication Thermal Transmittance EN ISO 10077-2 (Uw): ≥1.2 W/(m2K)

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