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Display Case Security | Goppion
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Display Case Security | Goppion

  • Use

    Museum installations
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Safety design including: strength of materials, reliable locks, resistant opening mechanism, electronic sensors

More about this product

Goppion provides all the services around display cases and museum installations from design to development and building. Working closely with exhibit designers and curators, Goppion develops individual solutions using a collaborative approach.

When it comes to safekeeping items from theft and vandalism, the last line of defense is the display case which must be up to the job. Clearly, the strength of materials is crucial, as is the reliability and resistance of locks and opening mechanisms. For further protection, a variety of different electronic sensors placed within the display case, linked to alarms, can provide further protection.

Goppion has provided display cases for highly security-conscious situations, and their work protects some of the world's most famous artistic and cultural treasures including the Mona Lisa, the Crown Jewels and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Goppion display cases can be made for any level of security.

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