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Design Assist - Display Case Design | Goppion
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Design Assist - Display Case Design | Goppion

  • Use

    Museum installations
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Collaborative design approach, design-assist, research and development partnered with world-class research collaborators, technical innovation

More about this product

Goppion provides all the services around display cases and museum installations from design to development and building. Working closely with exhibit designers and curators, Goppion develops individual solutions using a collaborative approach.

Engineering display cases is a creative, thoughtful and human process that involves constant learning, boundary-pushing and the creative application of knowledge, skills and materials depending on specific needs. Goppion employs cutting-edge research, the craftsmanship of trusted and highly skilled co-makers, and a hands-on approach to working.

Goppion is involved throughout the project, immersing themselves in the spirit and the technical detail of each project with a focus on what can be possible, not only what's assumed.

Design Assist

Design Assist is a crucial part of the way Goppion works and part-and-parcel of their collaborative approach. It makes for a smoother and more cost-efficient process.

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