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Silestone and Dekton in Lorea Restaurant | Cosentino
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Silestone and Dekton in Lorea Restaurant | Cosentino

  • Use

    Interior cladding
  • Applications

    Ventilated facades, pavements, floors walls, countertops, furniture, countertops, sinks, shower trays
  • Characteristics

    Natural quartz surface, non-porous, antibacterial protection, resistant to acid, stains and scratches

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More about this product

Cosentino, with a wide variety of Dekton® and Silestone® surfaces, demonstrates how the design and style of an open kitchen can be fused with the creative spirit in the unique Lorea Restaurant. Versatile Dekton® and Silestone® surfaces were applied to different surfaces such as the restaurant floors, walls, cladding and countertops, achieving a total and natural integration into the organic design of this culinary space.

Lorea Restaurante was born from a very specific idea, Oswaldo Oliva, the renowned Mexican chef, achieved his dream of designing his own restaurant. To execute it, he proposes 3 premises:

  1. Ergonomics as a fundamental axis
  2. Beauty as an obligation for an open kitchen
  3. The designed as a synergy between Cosentino and Lorea

Lorea studied the classic area of Mexico City, Colonia Roma, and developed an open kitchen with the intention of comprehensively showing the process of preparing dishes, maintaining a clean and sober atmosphere to focus perception on the complete enjoyment of food in harmony with space.

Its design seeks to marry different elements that take advantage of any opportunity to surprise customers in a natural way, applying materials such as wood and a variety of Cosentino slabs in organic compositions. The floor, covered by the gentle Dekton® Sirocco and the walls with Dekton® Zenith are responsible for illuminating the environment, as well as the kitchen surfaces, giving space to the mixology bars that manage to make the preparation process a simple operation thanks to Dekton® Kelya and Dekton® Zenith.

Cosentino Sintered Stone Surfaces

Bathrooms are not exempt from this functional space, Silestone® Lagoon polished, with waterproof virtues and easy to maintain, was applied to its sinks with perfect finishes and finishes that simulate natural shapes and textures.

Products Used

Application Brand Color Quantity Format Thickness
Mixology bar and kitchen skirting Dekton® Kelya 26.88 m2 Various custom formats 1.2cm
Kitchen countertop Dekton® Kelya 8.96 m2 320cm x 140cm 2cm
Kitchen surfaces and cladding Dekton® Zenith 26.88 m2 320cm x 140cm 2cm
Wallcovering Dekton® Zenith 35.84 m2 320cm x 140cm 1.2cm
Floors Dekton® Sirocco 218,56m2 Various formats 1.2cm
Bathroom sinks Silestone® Lagoon 2 155cm x 0.60cm and 225cm x 0.60cm 1.6cm

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