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Lunawood Thermowood Façade in Maxx Royal Kemer Luxury Hotel | Lunawood
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Lunawood Thermowood Façade in Maxx Royal Kemer Luxury Hotel | Lunawood

  • Use

    Exterior cladding, sun shutters, railings.
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Weather endurance, dimensional stability, suitable for all climates, non-toxic, resin-free, thermal insulation

More about this product

Turkey is known for its luxury hotels, but few people know how much preparation and how many stakeholders there are behind the scenes to make a hotel project a success. The young and dynamic architecture office Baraka is specialised in the design of large hotel projects, where Lunawood Thermowood products have been widely used.

When building the Maxx Royal Kemer hotel, 35 truckloads of Thermowood from Lunawood were delivered to the construction site for the exterior cladding, sun shutters and railings. This significant amount of Thermowood makes it one of the biggest buildings in the world with an entire Thermowood façade.

Lunawood Thermowood | Maxx Royal Kemer Hotel

The Maxx Royal Kemer hotel is very successful example of combining beautiful aesthetics and materials with great usability. In Antalya, the hot and humid climate is very demanding for wood materials. Another major challenge for the architects was the location of the hotel, on a steep, wooded slope, which set a tight framework for building design.

The design intent was to absorb and conceal the private internal spaces and to create a building composition that would blend in with the contours, colours and textures of the site over time. The regular and irregular wooden elements that clad the building provide weather protection with the Thermowood elements forming a natural and beautiful pattern. The architects wanted to use a natural wood material that was made from the earth and that shows traces of nature. Lunawood Thermowood was selected because the scale, price, quality, accessibility and deliverability were in line with the requirements.

Lunawood Thermowood | Maxx Royal Kemer Hotel

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