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Occupancy Sensor - Maestro | Lutron

  • Use

    Lighting control
  • Applications

    Commercial, corporate, public, educational, hospitality, healthcare, residential
  • Characteristics

    Energy-saving, 180 degrees of field of vision, double voltage

More about this product

The new Maestro occupancy sensor allows the control of two circuits using the same Lutron sensor with minimal detection technology: XCT. Ideal for both residential applications and two-level switching in commercial buildings, helping to comply with ASHRAE 90.1.2010 by easily replacing existing switches.

There is no worse drain on energy-saving than leaving the lights on when you leave a room. And while motion sensors are a great idea, many times you have to wave your arms or dance and jump so that the sensor notices your presence. This does not happen with the Lutron dual circuit Master occupancy sensor, which detects down to the movement of a book page turning.

Motion Sensor


With 180 degrees of field of vision, the sensor detects major movements such as people entering the room or minimal activities such as opening a portfolio or answering the phone.


  • Double voltage
  • Controls up to 6 amps per circuit.
  • Up to 9m x 9m (81 m2) of major activities and 6m x6m (36 m2) of mild activities.
  • Infrared lens tamper-resistant
  • In intelligent ambient light detection mode (Ambient Light Detection, ALD) the sensor “learns” the preferred light level after a certain time.
  • The occupancy version can be set as automatic on/off automatically or as manual on/off automatically.
  • Sensitivity adjustment (high/low)
  • For all types of light loads: incandescent, halogen, low voltage electronics, low voltage magnetic, LFCA, LED, magnetic fluorescent, and electronic fluorescent.
  • Available in 19 colors

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