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Terrazzo in Lafayette Elementary School | Terrazzo & Marble
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Terrazzo in Lafayette Elementary School | Terrazzo & Marble

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    Durable, low maintenance, sustainability benefits, ten epoxy colors, aluminum divider strips

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More about this product

This intricate terrazzo medallion made with ten epoxy terrazzo colors brings art into the school. The terrazzo floor’s many assets include a winsome traditional pattern complemented by a modern border. Resin and aggregate were provided by Terrazzo & Marble-Supply Companies.


One significant challenge during installation was aligning the symmetrical medallion within an asymmetrical recessed floor. The aluminum divider strips for the medallion were waterjet-cut in several pieces and assembled on the job site. The terrazzo craftsmen then subtly manipulated the 21x21 foot medallion with added strips bent onsite to obscure the imperfection of the floor.

Project Details

Architect Hartman Cox Architects
Designer/Artist Phoenix Fine Arts & Designs
Terrazzo & Marble-Supply Companies Products Resin, aggregate

Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo flooring comes with sustainability benefits such as the use of recycled products and its extended lifespan. Terrazzo installations may contribute to the US Green Building Council’s credits under the LEED Rating System.

Terrazzo and Marble is a manufacturer and distributor of terrazzo and natural stone for the architectural and design industry. They are a single-source supplier providing products for every stage of epoxy terrazzo installation including:

  • Aggregates
  • Terroxy Resin
  • Divider Strips
  • Installation Tools/Equipment
  • Maintenance Tricks
  • Resinous Flooring for behind-the-scenes spaces

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